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Coincidences and Self-Love

About a year ago, I became so swamped with music students I chose to stop teaching yoga. It’s still a passion and I continue to maintain a daily practice, but as I became busier with music (and this upcoming EP!!!) it became necessary to let some things go in order to maintain focus and sanity.

Last week, I was asked to sub a class. Super psyched to teach again , I showed up, but alas, no students appeared. As I wandered around the beauty and peace of Kundalini Rising Yoga, I came across a free book pile. I love books! And one peered out at me….

The coincidence? Maybe I wasn’t supposed to teach that class after all…. Maybe I was actually meant to show up and receive this gift instead. The universe can be a wild place, sometimes it’s our job to simply slow down and listen.

I never would have chosen this title in a book store, truth be told, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I’m even reading it. “Stop Being Mean to Yourself – A story about finding the meaning of self-love” Hmmmm….. I thought, has self help has hit a new level of crazy? Nope. This woman’s journey across Africa, the Middle East and Europe is fascinating and it’s one of the most amazing books I’ve read in a while.

If you’re a fan of “Eat, Pray, Love” or Marianne Williamson, you’d probably appreciate this read.

For me this passage also reflects the message of “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”

Sometimes, you come across words that say what you’re feeling….

Enjoy and Be Inspired

“Loving ourselves requires a lifetime commitment. It is the art of growing in our ability to live in harmony with ourselves and the spirit and energy of the universe. And if we keep practicing certain disciplines – including breathing – we can get better at it as long as we live. Our golden ball of power just keeps glowing more brightly.

Somewhere between abject self-loathing and the grandiosity and narcissism of believing that we’re impervious and know best what everyone else in the world should do is that sacred space called self-love. It is a portal and a gateway. How we find it is a mystery; so is its power to get us to the next place.

While some people say that fear, hatred and contempt are the opposites of love, I don’t see life as such a tidy package of dualities anymore. I believe our fear, hatred, and contempt – even those moments of contempt for ourselves that choke us up and paralyze our voice – are only barriers, obstacles and blocks to work through on the way to finding that sacred space.

……… As I sat on the second floor balcony in the Arabian health food store sipping my mango drink, the message became clear. When life turns on you, whether that turning is real or imagined, clear your throat. Speak up. Tell someone who cares. Most of all, learn to tell yourself. The wisdom of the ages may be buried in the tombs of Giza, but it’s also buried deep within each of us.”

-Melody Beattie

Wishing you blessings, a sacred voice and much self-love