Bring some Light to the February Blahs

I was searching some sparkle as I sat down to write this note. I dearly wanted to reach out and the send some love to you, my beautiful ones, but I was feeling very much like, I don’t know what to say ….

Journaling a bit helped me to realize that perhaps I am dealing with some February Blahs

As I connected with the core of my Blah (personifying it, gives me a giggle!) It dawned on me - Ah ha! perhaps that’s what I need to write about!

I’ve realized recently that sometimes it’s hard for me to openly say what’s really going on inside. My preference is to stay quiet, retreat to my cave, think it through and then reappear once my inner sun is shining again :)

I am beginning to and curious about dabbling with life and emotions in a different way ….

what if I allow myself to show up even when I’m not feeling my 100% ?

what if I give myself permission to be a little more transparent ?

what if I share my chaos before I have it all sorted out and clear inside my own brain ?

It’s not to say that it’s a good thing to throw our inner dirt on someone else’s porch

BUT maybe it’s ok sometimes to reach outside of ourselves when we’re feeling a little dark

and say, “here’s what I’m going through”

and give others permission to reach out and lend us a hand

and not have the pressure on ourselves to have it all figured out today (or ever!)

and embrace the things / people that inspire us (hence the Gaga quotes :)

I don’t have it figured out yet but maybe it’s ok to just accept that we are all a work in progress. Life isn’t about the sprint, it’s about the marathon. Sometimes we just need to put one foot in front of the other

Allow ourselves the grace to move a little bit more slowly.

Be understanding with ourselves when we're unsure where we are heading.

Give ourselves the permission to not always have to be at the top of of our game.

Remind ourselves it's going to be Ok. Some days are just like that.

Maybe we need to embrace the magic of those moments. Cause when we slow down it enables us to connect more deeply with the real deal that’s going on inside of us

We learn a lot when we have the patience to dig a little more deeply and listen to our heart,

And it can also bring us light when we reach out to those around us. Interact gently and allow your friends and family to support you when the darkness starts to fall.

Also, notice the ones around you who might need a boost. Sometimes when our head is spinning, helping others is a powerful way to step outside of our chaos. We are forced to create more light within when we show up for those around us.

It’s easy sometimes to feel alone in this world of cyber-crazy. We get distracted and we can easily forget that there is so much power in the connection that we foster in real time, in real human form.

Busyness is the new synonym for success. And driving ourselves crazy can sometimes feel like the only path to creating the life we want

What if, Instead, we slowed our roll to enable ourselves

To enjoy the NOW

To notice what the darkness is trying to tell us

To be Kinder to ourselves

To reach out to those around us

To do the Things we Love instead of the ‘shoulds’

And most importantly take the time to ask ourselves,

"What Can I Do to find some joy in THIS MOMENT?"

*even a little thing can bring in some light*

These are my thoughts for today!

Hope they inspire

Drop a line if there’s anything you want to holler back!

Til’ Next Time,

Sending you Love, Gratitude, Kindness and Light