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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Valentine

Love Below the Surface

Well, the point of Valentines Day is celebrating Love - Generally a proclamation with gifts and a romantic dinner with someone special.

Naysayers claim & I agree that we should let those we love know they are special every day! And in taking that a step further I think we should also take a bit conscious effort to remind ourselves that we are loved 365!

Ok, so I can easily give a list of the standard ways

Positive Self Talk,

Buy yourself gifts,

Do nice things for yourself


Yes! Yes! Yes! To all of those empowering things :)

See the picture, I bought myself a pet unicorn last week, cause I’m crazy like that! I love unicorns, I was a having bad day and it made it smile! Shakti appears to have adopted her as well….. cute huh?

But the core of Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful is also about Loving yourself from the inside out. For some of us, it’s not something that happens overnight- it’s a journey, it’s baby steps towards shifting our mindset. I hope this little missive helps you on your way!

Love is about remembering to love both on sunny days & when the storm clouds hit.

The truth of it all is that real life is messy. The true test in any relationship is our ability to stay committed and supportive when the road gets rocky. Within yourself remember we all have good days and bad days, it’s part of the natural circle of life. Don’t spend your energy judging or berating or yourself when the rain comes. I always like to remind to myself that’s it’s important to treat myself the same way I would treat a beloved friend or partner. So, when your energy feels blue, remind yourself to hang in there and keep looking for the rainbow.

Love is not about perfection.

It’s about accepting who people are. That applies to our partners and it applies to ourselves. We all have things to work on. That’s human and it doesn’t make you a bad person. The ability to grow & change is a good thing, that’s maturity, that’s powerful stuff! Sometimes our Achilles heel is also our unique strength. Speaking of which…..

Love is celebrating your strengths and accomplishments. It’s about giving yourself a hug when you’ve achieved something or put plans into action. Celebrate the moments of perceived failure because at least you gave it shot! Honor your gifts and the road you’ve traveled.

Love nurtures.

Fairly recently I stepped out of a relationship because all too often my professional strides were met with criticism and lack of support. It was so subtle and insidious, that I didn’t notice it at first. I thought I was the ‘crazy one’ And that’s the red flag…. If someone makes you feel less than, it’s time to walk the other way. It’s imperative to have friends & partners who support your dreams and goals. And it’s also imperative to keep the inner demons at bay by tending to, fostering and encouraging Our Self and Our Spirit.

Love is about the present moment.

We’ve all made mistakes. It’s part of being human. Continuing to carry that baggage around won’t change a thing. Give yourself permission to leave the past in the past. When we make a decision to let the past go, it enables us to walk towards a brighter future.

Now you can go buy flowers and chocolates. Or a pet unicorn!!

Question for you….. What do boys buy to lift their spirits???

Drop a line back, I would love to know!!! Meantime, always know you are loved my Beautiful One