Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful HUMAN



So our essence as Humans is a radiant being…… However, sometimes in the real world it can be a challenge to stay connected and to keep the light shining. It’s a powerful revelation for me when I recall & remember that translation. I gave it some thought and here are some simple ways to keep your love light on!

1. Embrace Your Light

As I said above- don’t forget to remember that your essence is light – there is energy pulsing through you. Anytime I pause to remember- it gives me a jolt of vitality and peace. Visualize yourself surrounded in that illuminated force field. Exhale and Embrace it!

2. How you treat other people

Being a radiant being is a little bit of a responsibility….. Bring awareness to how you share that energy with others. I recently had multiple interactions with a colleague via email regarding an important project. Her responses were terse & critical without solutions. It felt a little dismissive …. When we treat others without regard - it shades their light. Being human is as simple as being considerate, which brings me to my next point…..

3. Warmth and Empathy

Being nice & considerate is simple concept we all understand. We know that we ought not to bully people or be mean…. That’s obvious. But sometimes situations run a bit deeper than the obvious.

Allow people to be heard – speaking and expression is a powerful way that we shine our light! Sometimes all it takes is a quiet ear. I tend to get bent on problem-solving when people come to me with issues – I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to help is to simply witness, be present for someone and let them know they are loved and supported.

Speaking of Kindness…

4. To Thy Own Self Be Kind

Sometimes we leave ourselves out of the mix! Maybe we run ragged lighting everyone else’s lamp or maybe we don’t take the time to charge our own batteries. I think one of the biggest culprits here is our internal dialogue. As per the notes above…. Don’t forget to Acknowledge yourself, Listen to Yourself & Be considerate to Yourself. Sometimes our internal dialogue speaks in a way that we would never let a friend/partner talk to us or similarly it says things to us that we would never say to a friend/partner. Your spirit hears every word – so make sure they are loving and kind :) At our core we are all delicate, that’s OK! So are the filaments of a light bulb – Honor that. And surround yourself with people who handle that with care.

5. Shine Your Light

This one can be hard for many of us. I joke with friends that I tend to have a ‘Piglet’ complex (as in the Winnie the Pooh character, see the Tao of Pooh or the Te of Piglet for more) He can be fearful of stepping out and he often ‘plays’ small. Notice the difference between humble and insecure. We all have a beautiful voice & we all have a mission. When we let that light shine we empower others – So Give yourself permission to Glow. You never know how your radiance may illuminate or uplift another human!

OK, My Radiant Ones

Stay Beautiful, Stay Warm, Build a snowman, and Be Blessed