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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Grammy

Inspiration & Celebrate Music!

I know in years of late the Grammys are not highly regarded by a lot of musicians.

Most of my indie music pals think it’s a load of bunk, with pomp & circumstance and no substance. Also, many feel that it doesn’t acknowledge the heart of music and creative artists. Ok. I see that. It’s a televised event run by the big guns of the industry. However, I still kinda dig it…. Maybe it’s the fond memories I have from attending as a kid. Or maybe I just honor, it’s a celebration of Music. The best song, album, artist, etc are all just opinions anyway. In any given category we can all add (or subtract) artists whom we feel are more (or less) deserving. We all have our preferences and that’s what art Should be – Subjective.

Is it possible for one event to cover ALL the incredible music that was created over the past year. NO

Is it possible for artists to be inspired by the glittery affair? Yes. Here are 4 reasons why…..

1. Hell Yeah and Hurrah Alabama Shakes

I love watching the recipients celebrate that moment of joy and accomplishment. It doesn’t matter who it is. Every musician knows the dedication, hard work, sacrifice that goes into making a career in the arts. And that deserves to be honored. Even if it’s a song or a band you don’t like, if they’ve made it that far, there’s something we can learn from their music or their career path. Yes, in some ways it is a popularity contest and every year there is a triumphant underdog who inspires the masses. This year it was Alabama Shakes. As the story goes, until a few years ago, the lead singer, diva Brittany Howard, was a mail carrier. That gives inspiration to all of us indies - You can get there – whether you want a Grammy or not, there is still a place for your success in this market. Another thing I love about Alabama Shakes They aren’t your cookie cutter corporate band situation – visually or sonically. 4 nominations in 2016 and They won 3 Grammys. Sidenote: they were nominated for 3 Grammys in 2013 but lost in all categories. Keep on Keepin’ on my dear Ones and Be Inspired.

2, Hell Yeah and Hurrah Taylor

The girl some people love and some people love to hate….

Remember the year when the press ripped her up for upstaging Stevie Nicks and railed on her mercilessly for being an awful singer? Guess what folks…. She’s still kicking and in many ways kicking ass. And her vocals on 1989 are light years beyond her earlier records. That’s hard work, emotionally to overcome the backlash, and physically putting in the hours of training it takes to get better. Most of the artists I’ve worked with (and myself!) have dealt with ‘mean’ and criticism along the way. Unfortunately the world is full of it. And even more depressing, it can creatively destroy an artist. Inspired by someone who has the courage to overcome it and grow. Especially when you’re doing it all in the spotlight.

3. And Round of Applause for the Performers!

Whereas it used to be more award presentation and less performances, nowadays they barely televise most of the category winners. That’s one bummer I’ll be public about… my favorite part is hearing, “And the Grammy goes to….”

That being said, I dig seeing the variety of music and the unlikely combos of musicians. (Johnny Depp where did you come from with that guitar??)

Seeing a great performance is inspiring. That’s why people love live shows and we leave feeling exhilarated. For the most part it was top notch. Performers, we can learn so much by watching great performers! Extra side of inspiration from the magical Diva Adele who kept on rocking after one of the piano mics fell, and the audio glitched. So there you go folks, live sound chaos can happen anywhere and to anyone. All we can do in that moment is stay on point and do our best. We love you Adele :)

4. In Memoriam

Lastly – the music community has seen it’s share of loss of the past year and especially recently. I am a little Gaga for that Lady’s tribute to Bowie, (if you missed it, YouTube it, talk about an incredible performance!)

Also, kudos to the BB King tribute featuring Chris Stapleton, Bonnie Raitt and Gary Clark Jr. I was surprised there was nothing presented for Natalie Cole- so I’m gonna give some love here for that ‘Unforgettable’ diva.

Remembering the greats is Inspiring. Honoring their life’s work and the impact of their music on all of us. And that’s what it’s about folks, how music touches all of us - it’s not about the trophy, it’s about being inspired to make your music and share your voice.

What was your favorite Grammy moment? Drop a line back! I know this letter is too short to include all of it!

Til’ Next Time - Sending you love light music & inspiration