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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Clutter

How to Spring Clean the Emotional Clutter

This Sunday I was out to dinner with a dear friend.

We both talked about a newfound A-ha that we each had separately. Let the grudges go! They are too heavy to carry and they steal the time, energy & joy from our precious lives. Grudges and other emotional garbage are akin to that messy closet or drawer that saps your energy every time you open it. So let’s delve in there my Beautiful Ones. Time to clear the emotional clutter so you can Shine On! Here are some thoughts to help :)

1. Make a decision it needs to be done.

It’s your job to listen to your heart. Are there situations that need to be cleared? Maybe not – perhaps all is well in your world. But if there are emotions bubbling up that are bringing you down, give yourself permission to look a bit deeper. Be kind to yourself, growth and change aren’t about perfection, they’re about learning to create the reality that you want to live. And if there’s something inside that isn’t serving your highest joy? It’s ok to take it off the shelf and dust it off.

2. Where to begin…..

Just start by acknowledging your emotions. Honor them, whatever it is- it’s imperative to respect your feelings.

There are some situations where we can pull off the band-aid, clear the boo-boo and be done with it. Sometimes, once we make the decision to change, clear or let go, it all happens very quickly and we discover that the emotions we were avoiding aren’t as scary or overwhelming as we thought they would be. Oftentimes our fear of things makes them much worse than they actually are. If you need time to work it through – keep the faith and remember…..

3. Rome wasn’t built in a day

The old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day….

The emotions that you’re carrying weren’t built in a day either. Oftentimes working through things is a layered process and it takes time. Not all wounds respond well to the band-aid approach. If you feel overwhelmed – that's OK! Give yourself permission to take baby steps.......

4. Baby Steps

As you can see in the picture below, at this current moment, my desk needs some work. Even the cat noticed…. But I’m a busy gal. Yes, I would love to spend an afternoon dealing – but that hasn’t happened….Probably because it’s so overwhelming that I’m procrastinating. Our feelings are the same way. My new tactic? Baby steps. 15 minutes a day. It’s makes sense to schedule ‘work tasks’ But imagine if we all had the habit of taking the time to take care of our emotional life? Have a good cry, Talk to a friend, Stare at the ceiling, Journal it out, Be in nature, Create some art, - find your thing that helps you to process. Honor yourself by setting aside a small piece time each day to take care of your spirit.

5. Another plus about ‘ME' time.

It allows you to take care of your emotional process AND also deal with regular life. If you know that you have a time to express yourself 110% for a period of time each day then it’s less likely to come bursting through while you’re trying to work or be social. You’re not stuffing it down, you can tell yourself, OK, I’m gonna look at this tomorrow during my ‘me’ time. Honor that appointment like you would an important business meeting!

6. Give yourself permission to let things go.

In feng shui and clutter clearing there’s a saying “Need it? Use it? Love it?” If the object you’re holding about doesn’t fit neatly into one or two of these categories – it gets tossed! Ok, emotions aren’t as simple. There are things/ people we love even though their presence doesn’t serve our highest good. So I guess the new question here, “Does this emotion –person -_fill in the blank_ serve my highest good?" If the answer is no? Give yourself permission to let it go. That enables us to make room for something better that does.

You are worth it! Clearing our emotional clutter is an amazing way to create space for our dreams, our ideal companions, and the things that serve our highest joy

Let me know how it goes. (I’ll keep you posted on my desk lol!)


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