Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful BODY!

We all know this in our hearts but sometimes we still end up getting down on ourselves about what we look like. But is what we look like who we really are? The bummer is that media messages and social commentary often allow our insecurities about appearance to infiltrate the love within us and around us.

Our world is chock full of cultural craziness that can sometimes make us feel less than beautiful. And these words and images can end up sticking to our ego and screwing up our precious self-esteem. So I’ve compiled a few anecdotes to help you come unglued.

Sometimes a new perspective is a good way to inspire a journey back to beautiful.

Let’s start with the culprits….

+ Size Matters

I have a friend who is very pretty and very tiny. Recently, people have been railing on her, publicly on Facebook, because she’s sooo skinny!!! She recently posted, asking people to stop bothering her about her weight, stating that she’s not anorexic, she eats a lot but she struggles with gaining weight. And here was her powerful meme…


As the pretty skinny picture shows - we all a have our own battles. Whatever your size is - THAT is YOUR beautiful! Kate Moss will never be the same size as Queen Latifah - they are both beautiful in their unique way.

I struggled as a teen with being a curvy girl. It didn’t help that I was on track to be a professional dancer. Needless to say, one day I discovered Marilyn Monroe - society’s ultimate beauty queen. By today's standards people would have called her the F word….. Which brings me to my next point.

+ We are a visual society brainwashed by media made images.

Models dedicate their lives to looking a certain way because it’s their profession! Professional musicians practice & play for hours a day. Writers write. Lawyers read case histories. A model's job is their appearance! And a perk is hours with both professional make up artists & stylists. Unless you’re walking around with some sort of gadget that can fix your complexion under any lighting you walk into? Let’s not waste our time comparing our human selves to photo shopped images of beauty. It is a Beauty Myth

* Shout out to my male pals! My examples here are female centered- that's my framework & experience - but I honor you too! It's important to realize that this stuff is not only a 'girl' thang :)

+ Sometimes, we have a unique twist to our appearance that makes us self-conscious.

Those dark freckles that stand out on people? Ummm… they are called beauty marks for a reason – it’s a unique piece of you that no one has! I recently met a woman with eyes that were 2 different colors. One of them was actually half blue and half brown. Wow ~ I thought she was stunning! Rock out and embrace what makes you different!!

So…… what’s a girl or guy to do?

Be your own kind of beautiful by embracing YOUR size

I have a pal who is a curvy girl- about 5’4” & probably around 200lbs. She can walk into a bar, flaunt her curves with class and flirt with any guy she sets her sights on. She’s so comfortable in her own skin, I am in awe of her confidence and it’s inspiring

Be your own kind of beautiful by making healthy changes to feel good

Sometimes we do need to make a shift to embrace our beautiful. That can be a face cream, a healthier diet, shaving our goatee, coloring our hair or sometimes even something more radical.

I have a friend who had a nose job in college. This surgery transformed her from a self-conscious girl to a confident fire ball. Sometimes, we need a powerful shift in order to step into our true beautiful.

+ Be your own kind of beautiful by noticing what you do appreciate about your appearance

Stop stressing the things that stress you out! Flip the switch and embrace the things you like. And if there’s nothing here…. Find one thing – even a tiny thing.

Offer your mind a positive message about your body and watch your spirit start to glow! Also, it’s important to mention that Comparing, Contrasting and Commenting on other people’s appearance is self-destructive and can also be very hurtful to them (see skinny example above:) and it doesn't do anything to help you :)

Ask yourself right now – what is one thing I like about how I look? That my friends is your own kind of beautiful :) Carry that with you today and allow it to make you feel fabulous… Let me know how it goes.

I saw this poem once and it stuck with me…

All bodies beautiful, Be Yourself – not someone else

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So, Behold yourself,

Be Beautiful

Short, Tall, Curly hair, Straight hair, muscular, boney, curvy, petite, brunette, blond, red, grey, green eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, short nails, long nails, freckled, fair, dark, big feet, small feet, glasses, pigeon toed, etc…….

It really doesn’t matter

- You Are Fabulous so Rock On and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

Love You,