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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful 2017

So as I was daydreaming on my plans and goals for 2017 an interesting thing happened this year….. Instead of grabbing a notebook and writing down every thought, mission and task,

I allowed myself to slow down and actually think on the big picture

What’s the point of all this to-do-ing if our mindset isn’t on board?

Creating a crazy list of goals is moot if our spirits and our bodies aren’t running at full capacity!

Instead of goals and schedules, I’ve been thinking about my quality of life and my happiness quotient. These questions emerged……

What are the things I can change to create a more harmonious life?

What are things that I need to honor because they are who I am?

This has led me to an interesting mission - Do Less.

Oftentimes, we hit the new year running, I need to change this I need to change that… Lose weight, got to the gym, find a new job, stop this….., do more of that …… etc and onward

What happens? By the time February hits we are back to being who we are. Who we are is Beautiful! BUT Unfortunately, our brains tell us that we have failed or given up and we feel like we’ve let ourselves down. The reality is, We set ourselves up for not following through because we tried to change too much at once.

In addition, we haven’t taken the time to consider who we truly are. Don’t make changes that are in opposition to your individual spirit. Listen to your body as you set your goals and note your inner reaction. Don’t push yourself to make shifts because you think you ‘should.’ Make shifts that will enrich who you ARE.

Also, Instead of doing it all at once? Make ONE Shift in January. Make it realistic. Make it simple.

Here’s my little example. I started this process by thinking about my challenges in 2016 and my health and fatigue were at the forefront. Without energy, any other goal setting is pretty futile!

It would serve me and my fatigue issues if I could go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Yes, I would love to go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6. However, I need to honor, that because of my job and gigs, 10pm isn’t usually realistic. Also, mornings are not my ‘prime’ time. Expecting myself to suddenly get up that early might be a challenge. So what’s a realistic balance that honors who I am? I’m gonna shoot for 11 and make a commitment for lights out before midnight.

So here YOU GO!

1. Start with a goal list for 2017. I recommend no more than 3.

2. What’s ONE THING you can do in January to serve your goals and create harmony for yourself in 2017? Remember to make it realistic and simple! And choose something that supports your big picture

3. When you set this intention make sure it honors Where you are now, Your Lifestyle, and your Unique personality.

I have to be honest, I also set the goal to walk daily for 30 minutes. so that is 2 goals…. I can’t help it, I’m an overachiever… But both of these fall under the headline of creating better health and I don't feel overwhelmed. Important note: anything that makes your head spin? Break it down into smaller chunks!

As for career, I’m simply staying focused on making the single release party on 1/20 a success (more on that later - the show will be debuting a new band!!)

I’ll keep you posted on Februarys goal and how January is going :)

Feel free to drop a line back and share your goals as well. Accountability and support are also key to helping keeping us on track!

Meantime, sending you blessings for an amazing, joyous and prosperous 2017!

Love and Light