An Easy Way to Add a little Sparkle to your mornings!

So in my journey of sharing the #ShineAgain project on Instagram, I am so grateful to say that I have been meeting some AMAZING people! It has truly become an enlightening journey for me. Today's post is about you one of my new fabulous discoveries: SHINE TEXT!

Gotta Love that synchronicity :)

Every morning I get a little glitter in my Inbox, not my email (email often overwhelms me, but that’s another post!)

It’s a Good Morning text that links to a short inspiring article about self-care, productivity and inspiring insights.

Sign up for Shine.Text Here : www.shinetext.com/?r=ZgM4gJgL

That being said, today's article is a repost written by Shine Contributor Kara Cuttruzzula.

It’s all about owning your power.

Powerful Stuff, No pun intended :)

Read it here.

Ask anyone who knows me, morning is usually not my time to shine but this new little hack has really given a new little sparkle to my day :)

Let me know what you think!

Love and Light to You,



THE #SHINEAGAIN Campaign Continues!

It has been an amazing journey of spreading the love on Instagram with the #ShineAgain Campaign.

Here are some of the many incredible and touching pix that people have been sharing to inspire and raise awareness for mental health. wowee!

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  • unnamed.jpg

Do you want to be a part of it and help people to #ShineAgain? It’s as simple as a sign and a selfie.

Don’t forget to tag me and use the #ShineAgain Follow Me on Instagram HERE.

For more campaign details go here.