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A Simple Formula To Stay I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D.

Acronyms make me smile – cute little ways to remember larger ideas and in this case, a little formula to help you keep on keepin’ on when you need a little sparkle!

I took each letter and related it to an idea or action that helps me to stay the course when my spirit is lagging. Enjoy my friends! And Be I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D.

I love sharing these little pieces of joy with you!


Ok, maybe that was an obvious choice. But oftentimes when I’m down – I shut out the most important things - The things that bring me the most JOY. Things like being in Nature – Exercising – Making Music…. Also, reaching out for Inspiring books, videos, and people. Like a few weeks ago I just sat on the couch and watched a Wayne Dyer Movie. Didn’t take a lot of energy, but being connected to higher wisdom really helped to flip my happy switch on! Ask yourself, What brings me Joy?


When we are feeling down, often the brain immediately goes into thought patterns that can be self-critical. It’s so important to catch ourselves in these moments so that we don’t spiral down the rabbit hole of telling ourselves things that make us feel bad about ourselves!! Allow yourself to be aware of the thought and then allow yourself to replace with something kind and supportive to your spirit :) And by all means give yourself permission to avoid & ignore any negativity peeps who cross your path…..

S is for SELF – as in Honor thy Self.

Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to be OK with however you’re feeling and wherever you are right now. Self Respect my friends is the foundation for Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. Treat yourself as you would a beloved friend or family member. Do things that nurture the energy of supporting you and believing in your Self.

*extra one here for S – get some extra SLEEP – it’s a simple and powerful way to nurture your spirit*

Here's a great article on the health benefits of sleep :)


I’m not saying to force yourself to clean out the closet and spend your day off working. But do one thing – a tiny thing that helps to support your goals or a small task related to a current project. When we let real life linger it can bring us anxiety and feelings of futility. It will boost your energy and feelings of self worth to get a little to-do Done.


I remember a few years ago, I was feeling Blue and my best friend said to me (for real- she said this exact thing!!) “You know the problem with you Charlie Brown? You need involvement!” She didn’t mean to just go out – she meant to help other people! Offering service to others is an amazing way to step out of our brains, boost our morale and remind ourselves that KINDNESS rules!


Reach out to people (positive people) Call a family member and catch up – Go to brunch with the girls – Watch a game with the guys- Meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while for coffee – Attend a friends gig or art opening - Don’t sit at home staring at the walls feeling lonely – Being with other people can be uplifting!


If you’re not up to your usual energy level? Don’t worry about it! Allow yourself to be OK with that. Get some extra rest. Focus on peaceful activities that replenish your spirit. Allow yourself to move more slowly. Think grace not speed. As the Eagles said…. “Take It Easy”

I’m amazed oftentimes at how much more I get done with a peaceful & gentle mindset as opposed to one of franticness and anxiety.

D is for DO IT!

Start slow, Just pick one thing here and as Nike said – Just Do It! If you’re feeling adventurous – do each of these things every day for a week. I promise your spirit will soar!

Let me know how it goes…..

Sending you Love, Light and Peace