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A Short But Beautiful Story....

“Maybe Our Difference is Our Strength - what’s the point if we’re all the Same?”

That’s the little pre-chorus to Be your Own Kind of Beautiful. I was talking about the project with a dear friend last and she shared this magical story. I wanted to pass it on because it epitomizes a huge piece of my message and gives an awesome example of our unique beautiful as well as teach our children about the magic of being different.

So my friend, we’ll call her Ava, is the super mom of four amazing children. When her daughter was little, around the age of 4, she had a playdate with a neighbor. Let me set the stage…

Ava’s daughter is of a tiny build, skinny, long legs and average height. Her friend , we’ll call her Kate, was more burly - tall, a little heavyset, and above average size for her age.

We all know that young kids often speak their mind without regard for social mores. It’s part of their magic, but sometimes it can be shocking. During the playdate Ava’s daughter suddenly says, “why does Kate look different than me? Why is she so much bigger?”

Ava responded, “We are all different and beautiful in our own special way”. Then to elaborate, my incredible friend took the girls to the garden she had in the yard…. She said, “Look at the sunflowers, they are tall, bright and strong. Look at the wildflowers, they are colorful, tiny and delicate. Look at the daisies, they are friendly looking and white with yellow”

She continued, “ All the different flowers, they are like people, all unique and all beautiful in their own special way.”

As she told me this story, I got chill bumps. (and then I asked her if I could share it! )

This comparison is the heart of the message in Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

What kind of flower are you?

(I’m a stargazer lily :) )

Sending you Love Light and a little bit of Mother Nature's Magic