A Little Secret About Me....

So as I embark on the release of this project – I’ve been thinking more about what “be your own kind of beautiful” means. (as if writing the song wasn’t enough! Lol)

The obvious answer is that it’s about inspiring people to embrace their uniqueness and truly feel the words, I am beautiful. But if it were that easy, we’d all be overflowing with confidence, dancing with abandon, singing our individual versions of Kum Ba Yah and rockin' our beauty 24/7…..

Kudos if you already are :) but for the rest of us, well, why not?

So Here’s my secret admission about why it’s HARD sometimes for me to embrace my beautiful.

One simple word, Fear. Maybe you can relate?

  • We fear speaking our truth, because it may alienate someone
  • We fear being different because we all want to be accepted
  • We fear taking chances because if we step outside the box we might fall down
  • We fear listening to our intuition because we don't want to make mistakes
  • We fear taking a different path because the road less traveled can be a lonely place
  • We fear our light because we don’t want to make others feel small
  • We fear our uniqueness because it’s hard to stand out
  • We fear our gifts because our power can be an overwhelming thing to embrace
  • We fear being sensitive because we don’t want to appear weak
  • We fear change because we crave stability
  • We fear love because it hurts so much to lose it
  • We fear our truth and fall short of our authenticity because we all want so badly to be loved
  • We fear our voice because we are petrified of not being heard

At it’s core - Fear disconnects us from our inner light.

Kind of intense and deep but here’s the good news. You are not alone. We can take our power back by acknowledging that everyone has moments of feeling this way. You are human! You have a heart and that’s a good thing! Fear is cool, cause it can help us to see where we need to be bolder. Here’s an example:

I remember coming across this quote years ago and it made a huge impact on me.

For me, the artist Georgia O’keefe has always been an icon of strength, individuality, creativity, beauty, and female empowerment. I thought wow! If she’s been scared too, then maybe I’m alright, after all, I’m in good company!

Then the second part – the key is not letting it stop you. That’s where the magic comes in. Know that being afraid is OK and allow yourself to move forward anyway

I’ll admit it, I have been scared about the release of this project. (see the list above) Also, there have been innumerable set backs along the way – finding the right team, my health, production, etc…. But somehow, against a lot of odds, I haven’t given up. And as this journey has unfolded, one of the biggest things I’ve learned is to trust my inner voice. (I think I’ll write more on that in an upcoming post) Allowing trust has resulted a process of discovering and uncovering my own kind of beautiful. Funny how that works! It’s not always easy, but I’m learning to embrace fear and not let it stand in my way. So….. that’s my little secret!

May you be empowered and always remain your own kind of beautiful!