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911 Tips For the Holiday Blahs...

Ok,so the holiday cheer has officially begun. Welcome! parties, lights and mistletoe. Everyone is going on about gratitude and baking sparkly cookies to celebrate

Truth be told, this season can be highly charged and emotional for a lot of people. Sometimes, forcing yourself to drink the egg nog and pretending to feel joyous, just doesn't work.

When you’re just not feeling it? The whole thing can feel pretty bleak….

So here’s some tips....


You are not a Scrooge and don't let those elves who are high on candy cane sugar convince you differently. Like I said above, for some of us this season can press our emotional buttons. So exhale, take a step back and connect with how you are feeling. Your Emotions Are Valid. It doesn’t matter what they are or why. Don’t judge or criticize them, that just makes us feel worse. Allow yourself to just be where you're at.

After all the greatest reindeer of all? Well he felt like he didn't fit in either ;)

Embrace the little things

Chair you are sitting in. Waking up this morning. Your ability to read this email. Peppermint toothpaste. The invention of pizza. South Park. You get the point. Look at the seemingly unimportant stuff and you may start to feel a magic in it or at least find one tiny thing that makes you smile :)

Go do something for someone else

Last week I was having a pretty stressful day. A friend texted, she had the flu and needed some help getting medicine. As much as I wanted to help, my plate felt like it was already overflowing with stuff to do. But as I took a step back from the emotions in my world, picked up the Nyquil, etc and delivered it, I actually felt peace. Doing something for someone else brought me joy, took me out of my stress and gave me an energy boost to finish my day :)

Don't have the energy or inclination?

Go do something nice for YOURSELF

Get your nails done and perhaps you'll be grateful cause they look pretty. Go for ice cream and perhaps you'll feel happy cause it's yummy. Take a bubble bath and be luxurious. Turn off the phone, email, play hookey & watch a lighthearted movie. You get the point, you don’t need to be prisoner to the canned Christmas Music! Take a step back and do something you enjoy.

It might even give you something to be grateful for

If you spend all season jolly like Santa? Awesome! Rock on around the Christmas Tree and embrace every moment :)

And perhaps this missive will offer you some tips to understand and help those who don't.

Meantime, I hope all of you have an amazing Thanksgiving.

And if you don’t feel like giving Thanks? It's all good.

Love, Hugs, Italian Pastries & Pumpkin Pie!