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6 Ways To Make Empowered Decisions

I am oftentimes reading and listening to audiobooks about business & mindset.

One thing I hear over and over again? One of the strongest things ‘successful’ (interpret that word as you will) people have in common is the ability to make clear & quick decisions. Aaaargh! As I said above, that has never been one of my strong suits – I am more of a philosophic type, analyzer and emotional being. But lately I’ve seen how perhaps being more decisive might help to bring me more peace and focus.

So, I’m taking baby steps and here are some things I’ve discovered along the way…..

Starting with the obvious and then the more philosophical

Sometimes, It’s Black or White

1. Good Old Fashioned Pros & Cons List

This is one for BIG decisions. Moving to a new City, Choosing a job or other important things. Grab a pen, a piece of paper, make a line down the middle, and label one sides Pros (benefits) other side Cons (downsides). Write out (honestly) the plusses and minuses of each choice. Oftentimes the answer will reveal itself pretty quickly.

2. Look at your BIG picture

This is a good tactic if you are really trying to stay focused on specific goals. The key here is knowing what your big picture is, ie: finishing grad school, making a record, creating financial stability. Ask yourself: Which side of this decision will support me in achieving that goal? The answer becomes clear because if it doesn’t funnel into your Big Picture, then it doesn’t belong in the equation

What about the Shades of Grey?

Now those are very logical ways…. In my life, things aren’t always that black & white. My pro/con list says take that vacation. But my BIG picture list says ummmmm…. That’s a week out of the office….. This is about when my brain goes into overload and I think the best solution is to watch Netflix so that I don’t have to think about either choice!

3. When the mind is spinning? Listen to your Body.

Our body is actually a truly amazing GPS System! Close your eyes and make one choice – see how your body feels. Close your eyes and focus on the other choice – see how your body feels. One choice will usually bring more tension/contraction and the other will allow the body to relax and breathe more easily. Not hard to figure out which choice to make ;)

4. Notice your hesitancy

This usually helps me with smaller things – Like dinner choices or which route to take home. One of them will usually give me some reluctance. It’s a very subtle noticing but if I stop to listen….. I notice that choice #1 doesn’t feel right, because if it did, well then choice #2 wouldn’t be worth considering at all…. Steer away from the one that’s making you hesitate ;)

Head Vs. Heart

Oftentimes when I’m stuck, I realize it’s a battle between head and heart. Head says danger!!! This does not make sense!! Heart says, trust this follow me in the sunset. Which do I listen to?

5. INTUITION is the key.

Sometimes, we don’t know WHY something feels ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ we just know it does. That ‘gut’ feeling – it’s called that for a reason, your instincts taking root in your body and giving you a clear signal. This trips me up because I always want to know the Why…. I am working on Letting Go of always having to know the specifics and just following instincts which allows the Why to reveal itself later.

6. Are you making the choice YOU want to make?

Sometimes, other people may tell us Not to do something but our spirit says we must. It’s important to honor your inner knowing. You are responsible for creating the life YOU want to live.

When we make choices based on pleasing the people around us, sometimes that’s the right thing and it’s all good. Go for it! Occasional Compromise is important to any relationship.

BUT sometimes we need to look deeper – Am I making this decision only because it’s what someone else wants?

Awareness and perspective here can be very powerful.

If it the decision does not serve your highest good and you’re doing it anyway just to ‘please’ or ‘prove’ something to someone else. Then once again, remember you are the creator of YOUR life. Be empowered and give yourself permission to make your own rules.

In conclusion, oftentimes there is no right or wrong answer. A different choice is simply a different path. That thought process can be helpful to take the pressure off :)

Whew! That was a lot of decision-making!

Please feel free to send back your thoughts

and share your insights on making powerful and empowering decisions!

You Are Beautiful!

Love, Meredith