3 Powerful Things I Learned from my Dad

In posts past, I’ve talked about my wonderful dad. Yesterday was 18 years since his passing. It’s hard to believe….. As I think about the memories, I also think about the powerful lessons I learned from him.

1. Don't Give Up

Dad grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn and never had the opportunity to attend college. However, from humble beginnings he grew to be a Senior VP at Arista Records - one of the hottest labels during his time. He got there by starting in the mail room at another label… It was either Buddah or Kapp records (both now defunct) Unbelievably inspiring to remember what one can do with a dream and hard work.

2. Be both Brave and Kind

He was always sweet to me, but apparently he was actually kinda feared in the industry! I was at my first post-college job (The Hit Factory Recording Studio) & one day an errand brought me to their mastering studio. I kid you not – there was a dart board with a pic of him on it…. Apparently, he was such a hard-a** with deadlines that he wasn’t their favorite person. The staff tried to hide from me when I walked in, but it was too late! The odd juxtaposition was that he also had an unbelievable heart of gold & was generous to a fault. He was someone people could count on to be a true friend. The magic I glean here is being brave enough to speak your truth to get the JOB DONE and balance those goals by also being kind and respectful to others.

3. Don’t be impressed with yourself

This one is funny – my dad was also a very very funny guy (could do a post on those stories too!) He had a lot of great expressions. It would happen occasionally that a persons name would be mentioned and he would say, “Oh that guys impressed with himself….” What the heck did that mean? He was talking about certain ‘characters’ – people who are full of themselves, pretentious and false - those types of people can be dangerous. This expression taught me about the importance being humble and sincere. I learned that it’s not our assets – job, car, bank account etc that make a person – it’s our character, our kindness & our genuineness. The truth of who we are lies beneath the surface. When people flaunt their achievements and assets, it’s a red flag ;)

Thanks dad for your inspiration, wisdom and beauty….

May your day be filled with joy and light!