3 Easy Ways to #ShineAgain When It’s Raining

So, we all have those days - life feels bleak, our emotions are spinning and our spirit feels worn out.

When you’re dealing with a mental illness like depression or PTSD it can feel overwhelming to accomplish even the most basic tasks. My guess is that even if you’re not living with a mental health diagnosis, you still might have moments of overwhelm or just the blues. No worries, I got you covered! As someone who struggles with bipolar 2 and PTSD I’m gonna share some tips and tricks I use to try to stay in the game, regain my focus and honor the necessity of my self-care.

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Seems basic on the surface but when it feels like a triathlon to even get out of bed, it’s not so easy. I suggest making a short list so you can have it on hand when your brain is too weary to function. Ask yourself right now, "What brings you Joy?" It doesn’t have to be something major, just something that allows you to step off the treadmill of life and tend to your soul. One of my favs is a bubble bath. It slows me down, the salts I use are healing for my body, and the bubbles amuse my child like spirit. Making music is another obvious choice for me, but sometimes when I don’t have any energy the key is allowing myself to slow down by spending some nature time or R&R couch time are good remedies. It’s about allowing yourself to honor what you're feeling, shut out life for a while and refill your cup with things that bring you joy.


A few weeks ago, I was having a blue moment and I reached out to a dear friend. It’s important to have people in your life who don’t judge your emotions or just tell you to pull your socks up and get over it. We need people in our life who can hold space for us by simply listening and affirm what we are feeling when we are having a bad day. Well, I’m blessed to say by the end of that conversation we were both cracking up and I hung up the phone feeling so much lighter and elevated.

If you are working through a big life issue or a mental health diagnosis, it can be so healing to find a trusted therapist. First of all, a good counselor is trained to help you manage the specific blocks that inhibit your wellness. And there is something to be said for being able to walk into a room, spill out the chaos that’s on your mind and have someone help you sort through and make sense of it! Oftentimes we are programmed to think it’s selfish to simply focus on our emotions and well-being. I think we are better able to be whole for other people when we give ourselves permission to process our own emotions.


Ok, that’s my dramatic way of saying - BE KIND TO YOURSELF! We often times are our own worst critics. We judge ourselves for taking a break. Or sometimes the inner voice that shames and blames comes from the influence of someone in our life or someone from our past.

Recognize that voice that yells at you to get off the couch or says you’re lazy for resting or that you are undeserving of self-care. And find a personal mantra, word or affirmation to let it go. I like to tell myself, “No Shame”. Feelings of inadequacy often go hand in hand with mental illness, depression, exhaustion and general sadness. I like to tell myself it’s my souls way of telling me that something is out of balance. Picking on myself about only worsens the feelings. Instead? Give yourself permission to still that negative voice and affirm it with something positive :)

So, now I’m curious… What do you do to #ShineAgain when you’re feeling blue?

Sending love, light and music your way!



P.S. HERE’s a bonus #4. Watch the "Shine Again" Video! I wrote the song in the spirit of hope and we created the video to help uplift people and offer you some magic in moments of darkness.