3 Easy Ways to Create Joy!

Life can often get so busy that we forget to make time for our happiness. When we take the time to think about what brings us joy, it enables us to manifest more of it! And after all isn’t that what life’s about?

Thanks Again to Simcha the cat for your beauty & the inspiration for this article :)

So Here’s my short-list!


Life can often get so busy that we forget to make time for our happiness. We end spending so much time fulfilling obligations that we lose track of the things that feed our soul. For me, when I fail to nurture my spirit, I end up feeling empty and angry emotionally or feeling unwell physically.

How can we fill our well?

Think of 3 things right now that bring you joy - Right now! Go!

  1. Making Music
  2. Hanging with friends
  3. Quiet time

I like to think that when we consciously take a moment to think about joy we remind ourselves what we need to do to bring in a little bit more of it.

It’s like filling a bottle that we then carry with us!


Unfortunately they can surround us in the form of people, places or things. You know that appointment that you dread, that task that drains your soul, or that ‘friend’ who leaves you feeling exhausted. It’s difficult to recognize the leeches in our lives because often they are tasks/obligations/loved ones that we feel a responsibility to carry. And I mean we all haveto be responsible adults, right?

Close your eyes, take a moment, exhale, imagine your life without these vampiric obligations. Would your world stop spinning if you were able to let them go?

Imagine yourself letting them go. And then see what you can actually do to make that shift. Baby steps. Life is too short to be carrying things that don’t serve our higher Joy.


This one might seem incongruous but I realized something…being in Taos, relaxing in my home, spending time with friends, planning for this weekends festival even allowing my friends cat to hang on my couch (which is ironically bringing me joy and inspiration!)...

All of these things have one thing in common. They manifested because I took a chance!!!

  • A solo road trip to O’Keefe country (landed me in Taos)
  • A joke about how much I loved my best friends new condo, randomly looking at the one next door and seeing if I could qualify for a mortgage
  • Asking an acquaintance if I could borrow her PA (that’s how I met my best friend here & Simcha the Cat!)
  • Going to an open mic, reintroducing myself to the booker (and then a friend raved to him about my music and boom that prompted the booker to ask me to fill a cancelled slot for the festival!)

In retrospect, these ‘chances’ seemed simple but in the moment when they happened, all of these things were out of my comfort zone. I had to stretch a little. And I realize for me excitement begets joy! New frontiers and opportunities tend to keep me moving forward. I’m trying to become braver and step into the unknown a little more frequently. Keep you posted on that one….

And I encourage you to do the same - Go to that event, Ask that Girl/Guy to coffee, Inquire about that new job…. Go For It! Take a Chance - Would love to hear how it goes for you!

Til Next Time.

Sending bunches of Joy and oodles of Blessings,