Award-winning vocalist, songwriter, pianist and composer, Meredith Blis’ music embraces varied influences, from Bach to jazz to modern electronica. Her siren-like vocals evoke both an intimacy and the emotional intensity of the blues. Her lush musical aesthetic draws comparisons to artists such as Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Sara Bareilles, and Sarah McLachlan. Originally from New York City, Meredith grew up in the industry - Her father, Milton Sincoff, was a longtime executive with Arista Records. She earned her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College. She then spent five years in the extension division at The Juilliard School, studying music theory and classical composition. Meredith currently resides in Nashville where she performs regularly at local venues. She is gearing up for a tour to support the upcoming release of her new album, "Be Your own Kind of Beautiful." With this project, Meredith is reconnecting with her artistic voice and some of her most personal music is beginning to surface: songs about recognizing our darkest internal recesses and shining a light on them, songs about bravery and songs about hope. “For songs to be real,” she says, “they have to come from a real place inside of you. The magic of music is that it bridges the gap between people—music has the ability to reach out to people and say, ‘Hey, I’ve been there, I understand.’”


  • - New Mexico Music Awards Winner BEST POP CD 2007
  • -New Mexico Music Awards Nominations 2009 Best Song, Best Pop CD,
  • Best Arrangement of an Original Composition
  • -New Mexico Music Awards Nomination 2007 Best Female Vocalist
  • -LAMN Jam (LA Music Network) Performance Competition Winner 2008 hosted by NARIP
  • -Song of the Year Songwriting Contest Finalist: Song: “Let It Rain”
  • -Peace Driven Songs Competition Honorable Mention: Song: “Legacy” 2007

  • -Rock Solid Pressure Song Competition Winner: 2007, 2006

  • -TSAI “Songwriter of the Year” Nomination Fall 2012
  • -TSAI “Song of the Year” Nomination 2013
  • -TSAI “Most promising Female Songwriter of the year” Nomination 2014, 2015
  • -TSAI Elected Creative Director since February 2012
  • -ASCAP PLUS Award Recipient 2007, 2008, 2012


“Rapturous piano accompanied by sensual penetrating vocals with meaning, propels this hypnotic artist to the top rung of the innovative and entertaining musical ladder….Meredith’s songwriting ability marries intimate sounds, with professional accompaniment, to her fervent piano and powerful vocals – producing songs that will never grow old….” - Lightword Publishing

  • “Is this album a testament to Meredith Blis' skills or those of a fine producer? One could make the case for both. The sound of the album complements Blis as a musician, because this is music that sounds just right for someone like her. However, do not be fooled. Meredith Blis has talent, which no amount of high-class production can take away. Meredith Blis can set a mood. The opening and title track is a mid-tempo ballad, which sets the tone for what is to come. To be honest, except for the female vocals, I could hear McCartney recording something like this. 'Mighty Aphrodite' in turn brought images of Elton John to mind, in a good way. The strings featured on the latter are gorgeous, matching the powerful vocal from Blis.” - The Daily Vault

“Meredith Blis follows her intriguing debut record with an equally deft new album. She’s a stunning singer and her songs resonate…” - Collected Sounds






SOLO | DUO w/ cello | TRIO w/ cello & cajon | ELECTRIC w/ Ableton live (midi controllers / multi synths & cello)

Set Lists can include both Original Music and Adult Contemporary Cover Songs, at the venues request.